Tattoo FAQ

I’ve recently realized that it is physically impossible for me to stay on top of email. If you are interested in getting tattooed by me in the late fall/winter, I kindly ask that you send (re-send) a consultation request after I announce (on here / Instagram) that I am taking on new work. I’m sorry for the backlog but it is too much, administratively, for me to keep waiting lists and answer all email individually right now. I have a few BIG things (toddler-rearing, house-buying/moving, dealing with a “fun new medical condition”) on my plate right now that require time and attention. I appreciate all your interest in and support of my tattoo work and I look forward to taking new consults in the “nearish” future.

Q: Are you currently taking new clients?
A: I'm currently booked into November 2015. I will start scheduling new consults in mid-September.

Q: Do you do water colour tattoos?
A: No.

Q: Do you do white-ink tattoos?
A: No.